Tuesday, January 12, 2016


On April 23, 2013, I wrote about Reflecting and Re-evaluating your life ... when the New Year rolls around people look in the mirror and decide they want to shed a few pounds, quit smoking, spend more time with their kids ... all of those are GREAT but sometimes we need to look a little deeper -- the WHO we ARE and WHO we WANT to be part of us ...

Some things won't change ... but the way we look at life may change.  I placed a blank copy of the BIO POEM at the end of this post for you to use!  ENJOY!

Here is my BIO POEM from back in 2013 and I reflected on it the other day and have posted the 2016 BIO of me as well ...
pictures from 2013

Laura Wintczak Eckroat
Child of Henry and Agnes Wintczak
Who loves teaching, reading, writing, gardening, my husband, daughter, and Muffin
Who hates people who lie
Who wants to go to Italy again
Who wishes she could've met Benjamin Franklin, and Steven's father Jack
Who wishes she could meet George W. Bush, Robert Downey, Jr., and members of DA BEARS!
Who is scared of dying tragically in a car accident
Who dreams of what it would be like if my books were on the bestseller list
Who is determined to be the best mom and wife I can be and also never give up on any student in my classroom
Who values family, friends, and every student and every moment with my doggie and being a published author
Who is proud of her father
Who graduated from Regis University, Denver, CO and wishes she finished her practicum so she could have gotten her Masters from Elms College, Chicopee, MA (maybe someday soon I will finish!)
Who lives in Fort Worth, TX - but has loved living in Springfield, MA; Woodstock, GA; Denver, CO; Whiting, IN
Laura Wintczak Eckroat
Some Pics from late 2015

Laura Wintczak Eckroat
Child of Henry & Agnes Wintczak
Who loves nature walks and absolute quiet and also the laughter of children
Who wants to go to Italy again and also to witness the Redwood Forest
Who wishes she could've met, Walter Payton and many of the first settlers in America
Who wishes she could meet, George W. Bush, Johnny Depp and the POPE
Who is STILL scared of dying tragically in a car accident 
Who dreams of going on a World Book Tour in a really COOL TOUR BUS!
Who is determined to be a teacher kids always remember!
Who values family, Muffin, Shadow, friends & my students!
Who is proud of her father, Ashley & my former students!
Who graduated from Regis University and STILL wants to get that Masters in Education!
Who lives in a house that she will hopefully NEVER move from again, but cherishes her experiences in Massachusetts, Georgia, Colorado and Indiana
Laura Wintczak Eckroat

 Here is the Bio Poem that you can complete yourself to reflect on your own life - ENJOY!

Your name
Child of ...
Who loves ...
Who wants to go to ...
Who wishes he / she could've met ...
Who wishes he / she could meet ...
Who is scared of ...
Who dreams of ...
Who is determined to ...
Who values ...
Who is proud of ...
Who graduated from ...
Who lives ...
Your name again