Saturday, January 17, 2015

Staples Education Site

For the past couple of years I have put in queries to HARO ... it is a cool way for an author to write snip-its for different publications - mostly on-line these days. I never had one chosen for publication!! At times I thought I should give up ... but every once in a while a query would grab my interest and I'd write away. When sending in your submission, it goes to a blind email -- you never know who will be reading it or who may be possibly publishing the piece! Recently, two of my submissions were accepted. Coincidentally, they were both for the same web-site ... here are the links to my portion of the work.  They are now up on the Staples Education Site .

The contributing writers pick and choose which parts of your work they will use!  I never knew Staples had an Education site, it's another great source for Teachers and Parents to check out!  Click on the links below to be taken to the site!

It is a beautiful, sunny day here in Texas ... and I wanted to share with you some exciting things happening in the greenhouse! I love digging in the dirt and the seeds, roots, & sprouts all amaze me!
I cut a piece of the poverty plant near school (the one where the Monarchs rested back in October!). The cut has growth and a good root system .... it is now repotted!
I can't believe how much growth it has ... I'm hoping that the greenhouse will help it flourish so that I can plant it in the corner of the backyard this spring ....  
SPROUTS!!!!!! Japanese Cherry Blossom, Tomato, Jalapeno and Saffron
 Repotted the Japanese Cherry Blossom!

 Jalapenos .... YUM!!!!!!

Basil, Tomatos, and Francisco's resting place!
The stepping stone was made by one of my students last year!!!

Repotted two of the tomato plants ....
Spending an hour in the greenhouse is so relaxing ...
I'm running out of dried basil from 2 years ago .... I hope the basil in the greenhouse makes it!


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