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-- the development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power .... destiny, serendipity, karma.

In 1999, we lived in Georgia .... seems like AGES ago ... We found this 1963 Mercury Comet and absolutely fell in love with it. We used it that year as our Christmas Card picture AND then Steven sent the picture to the Mercury Magazine and it was chosen to be on the Mercury Magazine cover in the Summer of 2000.

The Christmas Card said .... The Eckroat's ON COMET!
When we moved to Massachusetts, we decided to sell the Comet -- one, because our new house only had a carriage house for a horse (definitely NOT a garage) and two, we did not want the car to rust because of the snow and the salt/sand used on the roads. We sold it to a boy who was a Junior in
High School at the time and said that he always wanted an old car and he would cherish it ....
We've often wondered if he still had the car? We were sad that we sold the car ... and just hoped that it had a good home.
Last evening, on a whim, Steven "googled" Mercury's in Atlanta ... and the FIRST link he clicked on was a 1963 red Mercury Comet for sale ... OUR COMET! 
We reminisced about it and talked about how much we missed that cute little car.
Steven called the dealer and found out it was there about 9 days ... he told the owner of the shop that he thought it was the car we had when we lived in Georgia .... the owner went out to the car and opened the glove box .... and there it was ... the packet of receipts and all of Steven's notes about the car.  Steven called me and told me the story and I told him -- it's FATE .... we found the little car we both LOVED .... we decided it had to be back in our family ....
He called the dealer back and the man loved our story and is selling it back to us at what he just bought it for .... he's not making a DIME on the car!
SO ..... Our Mercury Comet will be shipped to our FORT WORTH home VERY SOON!
On dasher, on dancer, on prance, on vixen, on COMET, on cupid, on donner, and blitzen.
So ... is it FATE .... I certainly think so!!
The 1963 Mercury Comet -- in Alpharetta, GA -- can't wait for
it to join us in Fort Worth, TX

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