Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fort Worth Nature Center

Nature Walk ... searching for leaves ...
One of my MOST favorite places in North Texas is the Fort Worth Nature Center. I love taking my journal to the Nature Center and write ... but today, I went to the Hardwicke Interpretive Center to do a program with The Life of Bud.

Thank you to all the parents and children that came out today! I read The Life of Bud and then we went on a Nature Walk around the Interpretive Center -- the children collected leaves, twigs, and rocks that were on the ground that they could use in their Seasons Book.
Aaron and his daughter -- so adorable! She found a LOT of acorns!
Lilly found a heart shaped leaf (from the Redbud Tree)
she also wondered if some insects had taken bites from the middle?
Lilla found this leave still on the tree with obvious insect bites!

Daniel found leaves with wasp eggs on them!

 Caroline and her finds ....

Aaron and his daughter ... she was getting tired.
Back inside!!!  Book making at its BEST!

Click on the link to be directed to the Nature Center's FB page
Please come out to the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge's ANNUAL
Saturday, October 4, 2014
10 am - 2 pm
I will be there with many other VENDORS & the LAKE WORTH MONSTER!!!!!!!!
Here's a few more pictures  ...
Before we went on our Nature Walk we had a visit from the Nature Center's resident OPOSSUM
AND ... A site I never thought I would see .... a Mother Scorpion and her babies ...
She was caught in the foundry on the property and kept inside so people could see her and her babies up close and personal
and were going to be released back into the wild at the end of the day!
CREEPY and COOL!!!!!!!

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