Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The LIFE of Bud

As long as I can remember, one of my goals was to have a book published. I am now ecstatic that the release of my 4th book is weeks away! My first book, The Life of Bud, was a book in the making for many, many, many years. For over ten years, Bud had a different title; it was Bud, The Littlest Leaf, but I could never finish it, the words just were never quite there. Several times my daughter drew a few illustrations for that book, the book that seemed as if it would never be complete.

After the death of my dad, I was having a difficult time dealing with my grief. One day, while in the shower, yes, I said in the shower, the words just came. I quickly got out of the shower, threw on my robe, and went straight to my computer; and the words poured out of me. Bud, The Littlest Leaf was transformed, and The Life of Bud was born.

Bud is a story of life, a life we should all try and live. We are lucky to see amazing things, gain wonderful friendships, experience pain, treasure memories, and in the end fall from the earth; but hopefully will always be remembered. I wrote the book to help heal my heart, but over the years, its words and impactful illustrations have touched many lives and has also been used to teach children in schools all over the country about the life cycle. By this I am truly honored. From those first words I wrote in my journal all those years ago, to the hundreds of events Bud and I have been a part of, I have seen AMAZING things. I hope all of you, too, see many amazing things through your lives.    
My dad's tree, Whiting Park, Whiting, IN

My dad, Henry (Hank) Wintczak (1932-2005)


  1. I know this book has been so meaningful and helpful to children for healing after the loss of a loved one. Thanks Laura for writing and publishing it.

    1. Thanks Linda ... I appreciate your kind words! The few times I have worked with kids in grief groups has been a very special experience!